outdoor signs

If you have been waiting for a SIGN this is it!

Whether you are looking for an outdoor sign to accent your yard or to help promote your business, these signs can be custom made to suit any style!

White Oak Signs

For a finely detailed outdoor sign, there is no wood species that works better than white oak. It is an open grain, very dense wood that carves beautifully. The grain pattern is always unique and gives your sign great character! 

Cedar is a classic wood species that is great for the outdoors! It is light in weight which makes it easy to mount. The wood color can vary from light to dark, even in the same piece of wood! It is a softer wood for simple designs and takes paint very well for a smooth finish! 

HDU Dimensional Signs

HDU – High Density Urethane Foam just might be the best overall product for signage! It’s closed cell, uniform composition makes it carve easy and paint like a dream. It is available in different densities for different applications. It is weather resistant beyond the capabilities of wood!