Imagine  ~  Create  ~  Repeat

The sky is the limit when it comes to our DIY cutouts! Nurseries, gallery walls, kitchens, bedrooms, wreaths…there are limitless options for our decorative cutouts. 


Baltic Birch Plywood Shape Cutouts

  • Our most popular sizes are 18″ and 24″and are 0.5″ thick
  • Cut with false pallet marks for decoration or without if you prefer
  • Cut and sanded for safe handling

You are the artist and this is your canvas! Paint them, stain them, burn them, distress them, add to them…the possibilities are endless on what you can create! 


DIY Paintable Collections

  • Made with 1/4″ MDF which gives a smooth finished surface 
  • Great for kids, adults, school projects, parties…any occasion!
  • Come UNFINISHED for you to paint yourself, so get creative!

Use paint, markers, crayons, glue, sparkles, pom pom’s…anything! The sky is the limit on how you decorate them!